Tahsin Ahmed Amir is A Bangladeshi Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer
Tahsin Ahmed Amir is a Bangladeshi young Entrepreneur and digital Marketer. I have spent the majority of my life stinging front of my computer, writing code and building stuff. Rest of the time I jaywalk looking for problems to solve or create them. I believe that innovation can happen pretty much anywhere. But even Iam more interested in solving technology problems. This effort has taught me to conquer difficult tasks. I made my first website when I read in class seven. Back then I would create free domains on lights like Google Blogger and WordPress and give them a nice look. This is actually how I learned web design. I have a very supportive family who has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Being the youngest member of the family, I get literally all the adoration. I basically live like a king in my home.

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