Shakib Ahmed Rony Biography
Shakib Ahmed Rony is a Bangladeshi music artist, entrepreneur and digital marketer. His parents are Nurunnahar Akhtar and Abdul Momen. Shakib Ahmed Rony is the 2nd and youngest child of his parents. He has an elder sister and a younger sister and is employed as a multipurpose volunteer. Sister's name is Munni Akhter. In 2011, his mother admitted him to Dakshinura Government Primary School. Shakib Ahmed Roni's education started from there. But Shakib Ahmed Rony was a technology lover. He was not interested in Bengali education. From his childhood, he had a strong desire to do something in the development of technology. Time goes on like this. Then in 2015 Shakib Ahmed Rony Dokkinura finished the government job. Primary school and attended Banshikunda Momin High School in sixth standard. Learn how to build small websites while you're at it. The days passed slowly. Passed SSC exam in 2021 and sat in digital marketing. From there he got good profit. And from there the dream of becoming an entrepreneur began. He thinks nothing can be achieved in life without dreams. He advises everyone, you too dream, do something new yourself. Don't stop dreaming. Keep your dreams in mind and move forward with your development. Currently, Shakib Ahmed Rony is a Bangladeshi music artist, entrepreneur and digital marketer. He started his music career with the album Sapna Sahe Bachar Kyotha. Shakib Ahmed Rony started his music career in the year 2021 with an album titled "Swapn Sahe Bachar Bukhya" by a famous audio and digital marketing company "Shakib Ahmed Rony Studio". Sacrificing his teenage years for a brighter future worked in his favour. As a result, today he is giving people "dream fighting music" and helping people promote "brands and businesses" with his expertise. He is also working with many musical companies and helping them develop their music careers. He is the founder and CEO of 'MasterCard BD Shop and Shakib Ahmed Rony Studio' which is primarily a music industry and also a full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to promote their business results. Shakib Ahmed Rony has a deep understanding of what it takes to completely destroy a business in the social media landscape. He has released and worked on over 3 albums and composed around 14 songs. In 2020, he created an organization named "Shakib Ahmed Rony Sapna Yudda Digital Media" for common people. He started digital marketing through content projection and distribution on behalf of various organizations. He also promotes multiple products online. Shakib Ahmed Rony is also a singer, doing digital marketing. That is why he is so famous. In an interview, Shakib Ahmed Rony said, "I want to do something better for people. This year (2021) I have released my own music album titled "Swapn Sahe Bachar Vaya. I want to do more and try to give better to the music industry. Shakib Ahmed Rony second choice is 'Digital Marketing'. Now a very helpful choice for those who want to be successful 'entrepreneurs'. Now Shakib Ahmed Roni is working with many international clients on digital marketing and successfully running his 'Music Artist' career. Regarding the work situation through digital in the Corona situation, he said that it is impossible to go out of the house and work regularly in the epidemic situation. If you want to work in a production company, you have to go there. Now, I'm trying to release music at home through YouTube, Spotify and iTunes and all the streaming apps. In this case, I think this is the best way! And Shakib Ahmed Rony said to everyone, I can help people in online career for the welfare of everyone and with honesty, everyone will pray for me. He also said, if you want to do something, first set your goals and keep working on what you can do best, inshallah success will come. Note: Success: I myself have achieved success in my career through hard work. Once I had to cry to my father for 10 rupees. Had to be humiliated by friends, had to walk in people's doors, had to walk with a lot of difficulty. Suddenly one day due to the injury given by a loved one, he becomes hardworking and has a goal to live. Shakib Ahmed Roni did not give up and moved forward by learning from there and found out the source of success and became a successful entrepreneur. He has worked for the welfare of many people online and has provided employment opportunities to many poor and unemployed youths. Advice: Therefore, if you want to live our goal and the right path, start working with what you are good at, not from tomorrow, but from this moment. Biography of a successful entrepreneur from Sunamganj Sylhet.

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