About Me

Tahsin Ahmed Amir
Amir Hosen is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Entrepreneur and digital Marketer. Amir Hosen was born on 31 December 2005 in Sunamganj. His parents are Fatema Khatun and Ramjan Ali. Amir Hosen is the third child of his parents. He has an elder brother and a sister And his younger sister. Elder sister's name is Mahena Khatun and younger sister's name is Ahsfiya Khatun. In 2011, his mother admitted him to Dakshinura Government Primary School. From there the study of education of Amir Hosen started. But Amir Hosen was a technology lover. He wasn’t interested in Bengali studies. From a young age, he had a strong desire to do something in the development of technology. Time goes on like this. Then in 2015, Amir Hosen finished Dokkinura Govt. Primary School and entered Banshikunda Momin High School in class six. Learn how to build small web sites while you're there. Slowly the days went by. In 2021, he sat in digital marketing after passing the SSC exam. He gets good profit from there. And from there the dream of becoming an entrepreneur began. He thinks nothing can be achieved in life without dreaming. He gives suggestions to everyone, you should also dream, do something new yourself. Don't stop dreaming. Keep your dreams in mind and proceed with your development.
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